ABOUT  Vibalign

Vibalign is a Specialist Mechanical Services Company that focuses on Reliability.

Vibaligns goal is to work proactively with your employees and equipment with a focus on prolonging the life of equipment and preventing unexpected breakdowns in production facilities. The monitoring of equipment allows convenient scheduling for repairs and corrective maintenance. Vibration Monitoring is a key ‘’condition monitoring’’ technology and is the core of our business. This powerful tool allows us to diagnose machine faults and then provide corrective solutions. We then offer our services to carry out the corrective work required to rectify the issues. After the corrective work has been completed we retest to prove that the issues have been corrected. Vibaligns goal is to offer the full package when it comes to your reliability needs and goals. We have experience in industry areas such as pharmaceuticals, mining, Gases, steel, port, automotive, marine and shipping.



Reliability Service

Vibration Analysis and Monitoring
Laser Shaft Alignment
Laser Belt Alignment
Laser Geometrical
Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Movement
Machine oil condition analysis
Thermal Imaging
Equipment Commissioning
Engineering Mechanical Design

Mechanical Services

Maintenance Fitting
Precision maintenance
HVAC (Air Handling Units)
New Installations

Electrical Services

Electrical Motor Condition Monitoring

Auto Lubrication Grease Max

Grease Max

Using our services our clients have

Increased Productivity  •  Improve reliability  •  Improve efficiency    Reduce maintenance costs
Reduce breakdown and breakdown costs    Overcome challenges ours have not been able to solve

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