Reliability Service

Vibration Condition Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is a key ‘’condition monitoring’’ technology. It detects a large range of machine faults in rotating equipment such as; Imbalance, Misalignment, Mechanical looseness, Bearing faults and resonance. Vibration Monitoring can be a powerful health check for your plant; it is a major component of predictive maintenance. The use of condition monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to prevent failure and avoid its consequences.

Vibration condition monitoring programs is the process of collecting periodical machine vibration data for the purpose of predictive maintenance. Vibalign records this information in a client specific database, collecting machine specific data that is trend over time to determine a machines condition / health. This enables a more accurate assessment of fault severity and can identify systematic faults. Vibalign recommends the use of a condition-monitoring program as a mechanism to reduce plant downtime due to unexpected failures and plant shutdowns.

Vibalign offers onsite diagnostics as well of condition monitoring programs that are tailor made to the customer’s specific needs. Our team will work hand in hand with customers to identify and rectify any faults found as well as taking data to confirm the fault has been rectified.

Our experienced analysists are trained and certified by Mobius Institute Board of Certification (ISO 9001 certified and is an ISO/IEC 17024) and are ISO 18436-2 accredited (which is a global recognized certification)

Benefits of Vibration Condition Monitoring:

  • Reduced maintenance costs by avoiding unnecessary periodic maintenance
  • Reduce Breakdown costs and extend machinery life by taking early action to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Avoid catastrophic failure and emergency shutdowns
  • Improve maintenance scheduling, to reduce production downtime and maximise machine availability
  • Identify a wide array of issues including, bearing wear, imbalance, structural issues, electrical issues.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment

Misalignments can cause machine downtime and significantly decrease machine performance. Rotating machines are prone to misalignment. Correctly aligned and regularly controlled machines significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs. Vibalign Mechanical Services uses cutting edge equipment coupled with the accurate alignment techniques to produce excellent results. Vibalign technicians have identified numerous mechanical issues and initiated appropriate timely repair, giving our clients huge cost savings in breakdown and down time costs.

Benefits of Precise Laser Shaft alignment:

  • Decrease wear on bearings, seals, shafts and couplings
  • Avoid overheating of bearings and couplings
  • Reduce vibrations in shafts and foundation bolts
  • Significantly reduce damage to shafts and foundation bolts.
  • Often able to identify excess movement and underlying mechanical issues

Laser Belt Alignment

Vibalign Belt maintenance program checks, Vibalign Technicians systematically checks the condition of drive belts, pullies and equipment Components. Components that are damaged or out of specification are identified and replaced. The belts are correctly tensioned and aligned using our sophisticated laser alignment and belt tensioning tools.

Benefits of Precise Laser Belt alignment:

  • Prolongs Belt and Pulley Life
  • Reduces Vibration and Belt Noise
  • Decreases Downtime and Energy Costs
  • Decreases the risk of failure
  • Prolongs the life of the machine

Geometrical Laser

Vibalign has geometric lasers that assist with flatness, squareness, plumb and level. We also offer specialised Bore laser Alignment for ships and industrial machines and turbines.

Geometrical laser alignments allow us to Position machines, fixtures, shafts and parts with highest degree of accuracy. Accurate structural frame and foundational setup is also essential for the correct and easy installation of compressors, blowers, pumps, fans and motors.

Our team can also assist in the diagnosis and rectification of structural issues on pre-existing installations.

Benefits of Geometrical Laser

  • Accurate setup of foundations and framework
  • Accurate location of machines, fixtures and shafts
  • Base and foundational assessment for flatness, level and squareness
  • Accurate Bore alignment on ships and craft

Fan Balancing

Fan balancing and fan vibration analysis are essential to improving efficiency & extending the life of your industrial fan.

Vibalign is able to balance fans in the field

Benefits of Fan Balancing:

  • Reduction in Vibration
  • Reduction in bearing wear
  • Reduction in noise
  • Improved efficiency and performance
  • Prolongs the life of the machine

Turbine Balancing

The balancing of a turbine is a crucial step affecting a machine’s performance, reliability, and safety, as it directly impacts the dynamic loads on the entire structure.

Dynamic Movement

Dynamic movement focuses on the dynamics of machines within their operating environment. Our head engineer helped pioneer and prove this exciting technique that allows us to capture specific snap shots of what your machine or structure is doing whilst in operation. This technology allows us to see thermal growth, operational movement and structural deficiencies that hinder a machines ability to operate reliably. Our team can then provide and implement recommendations for rectification of any faults.

Benefits of dynamic movement

  • Thermal growth identified so corrective alignment can take place
  • Structural and machine movement can be identified and rectified for operational reliability

Machine Oil Condition Analysis

Research showed that contamination in machine lubricants has a huge effect on the efficiency and reliability of the machine.

Heat, moisture, air and particles can break down machine fluids and grind your machines and productivity to halt. By monitoring and controlling particle levels you can stop machine wear before it starts.

Vibalign offers the service to extract lubricants and do a particle count of contaminants. Trending of contaminants level and size will provide useful information as to the machines condition.

Equipment Comissioning

Vibalign can assist in the process of commissioning your plant equipment with the use of vibration, laser alignment, electrical motor testing and thermography. Our goal is to assist in the handover of reliable equipment to customers.

Engineered Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is a key factor in how your machines will function mechanically and perform reliably. Our head engineer has had years of experience in designing new installations and redesigning old installations to maximise performance and reliability. The use of our equipment (vibration, geographical laser and dynamic movement) assists us in determining structural and mechanical issues that might hinder your equipment’s functionality and reliability.

Thermal Imaging

Thermographic Inspection is the most powerful, remote, non-contact, on-line inspection technique available today for establishing the integrity and safety of all electrical and mechanical installations.

By utilizing Thermography on a regular basis, Vibalign can provide a complete thermal picture of the total installation. Thereby identifying existing defects and any developing problems, enabling early and economic rectification. This will prevent power failures or the consequences of an electrical fire.

Using this method of inspection can identify critical faults that could result in fire and electrical / mechanical failures that could be very costly if left unaddressed.

Benefits of Thermography:

  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Reduces cost as prevention is far more cost effective than cure.
  • Reduced cost of breakdown, repair and downtime.
  • Improved reliability of installations.
  • It shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared
  • It is capable of catching moving targets in real time
  • It is able to find deteriorating, i.e., higher temperature components prior to their failure
  • It can be used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods
  • It is a non-destructive test method
  • It can be used to find defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts

Mechanical Services

Maintenance Fitting

Vibalign offers specialist mechanical engineering tradespersons that are responsible for the maintenance, overhaul, installation and repair of machinery and equipment All Fitters are certified with at least a certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade.

Precision Maintenance

Our specialist technicians are also qualified tradesmen who work side by side with our mechanical and electrical trades personal to provide purposeful and accurate maintenance for working and rotating parts in machinery and equipment. Using all the resources from Vibalign reliability services, we strive to provide the best possible reliable plant for our customers.


Vibalign offers complete pump maintenance and overhaul services. Bearing changes, mechanical seal replacement and impala inspections are all part of our onsite service as well as we offer onsite removal, overhaul and reinstallation. As part of our reliability program we check the alignment and re align if required as well as offer vibration data collection to identify any issues present. Our services extend to all pumps from centrifugal, gear, multistage, lobe and peristaltic pumps in all applications and arrangement.


Vibalign offers a wide range of fan services for your fan applications. We offer, bearing replacement and setup, pulley replacement and alignment, V-Belt replacement and tensioning, Impala inspections and balancing, motor replacement and bearing changes as well as fan capacity checks. Our reliability services allow us to laser align you pulleys, check bearing condition, check imbalance of your impala and pulleys and check structural resonance and foundational issues.


Vibalign offers complete industrial compressor maintenance and overhaul services. From stationary compressor, vacuum pumps, blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators to high and low pressure compressors, we offer onsite removal, overhaul and reinstallation. As part of our reliability program we check the alignment and re align if required as well as offer vibration data collection to identify any issues present.


Vibalign offers complete electrical motor maintenance and overhaul services. We offer onsite removal, overhaul and reinstallation and bearing changes in situ for large motors that are difficult to remove and manoeuvre. As part of our reliability program we check the alignment and re align if required. We also check for soft foot and wedge foot with our laser equipment allowing us to minimise the stress and twist on motor casings. We also offer vibration data collection to identify any bearing and electrical issues present as well as electrical motor testing and monitoring (please link to electrical services). Our complete services allow for extensive motor health checks and best customer results.

HVAC’s (Air handling units)

Vibalign has extensive experience in HVAC systems. Our services extend to complete HVAC servicing to cleaning and filter changes to critical HVAC monitor in high risk and essential product areas. We also offer problem resolution services for you pressurised and capacity related issues. Our HVAC services cater for V-Belt and direct drive units, our reliability technicians and fitters use leading edge equipment and draw on extensive experience when servicing customers HVAC systems. Bearing replacement and setup, pulley change outs, alignment and set up, V-Belt replacement and tensioning, impala inspection, balancing and crack testing are all part of our services we offer to ensuring customers HVAC systems run correctly and reliably. Vibration monitor is an essential part of a reliability program for HVAC systems as many fans and motors are not assessable whilst in operation especially for sterile areas and applications.

Benefits of Vibaligns HVAC Servicing and monitoring programs

  • Complete service that takes all reliability aspects into account
  • Pulley alignment will increase the life of pullies, V-Belts and bearings on both fan and motor and reduce wear and tear on rotating parts.
  • Vibration monitor will give the customer a machine health check and let the customer know exactly what condition their HVAC unit is in.
  • A vibration monitoring program will allow the customer to monitor and trend a machines health so no critical system failures occur in a high risk or sterile environment resulting in product loss and money loss.

Electrical Services

Electric Motor Condition Monitoring

Energy costs are a major portion of any plant or facility’s operating expenditures and motors consume a very large part of those expenses. Correct monitoring of motor performance, and making the necessary adjustments, will improve reliability, extend the life of the motor and reduce the overall operating cost of the facility.

Studies show that, after bearing failure, electrical faults are the most common mode of motor failure, so in addition, a structured electrical motor testing regime is vital for ensuring plant reliability.

Vibalign utilises sophisticated PC controlled test equipment to provide accurate testing and fault diagnosis.  Test result data is saved in our database, so that a performance trend can be built up over time.

The Main off-line in-service motor testing we recommend to be done on electrical motors on a regular basis is:

  1. Stator winding resistive imbalance,
  2. Stator winding insulation resistance (megger checks),
  3. Polarization Index (PI),
  4. DC High Potential Test (Hi-Pot Test)
  5. Step Voltage test,
  6. Surge test.


Stator winding resistive imbalance:

The Coil Resistance test consists of injecting a known constant DC current through the winding,

measuring the voltage drop across the winding, and calculating the coil resistance using Ohm’s law. If a coil is shorted somewhere in the interior of the winding, the resistance will be lower than normal. This lower coil resistance can be compared to previous measurements of the same coil, measurements of identical coils, or to the motor nameplate value in order to identify a bad coil. Low values indicate shorts, less turns, less cross sectional area. Measured values that are higher than normal can indicate loose, corroded connections or opens. The measured resistance is affected by the variation of copper conductivity with temperature.


Before comparing two different measurements, correct the measured resistance value to a common temperature, usually 25° C per IEEE 118.


Performing Resistance tests on the same motor over time provides early warning signs of motor connection problems. Motors operated in conditions that allow corrosion, contamination, or other physical damage may show initial warning signs of motor failure.


Stator winding insulation resistance (Megger checks)

The Meg-Ohm test consists of applying a DC voltage to the windings of a machine after isolating the winding from ground. According to IEEE 43 the test, voltage is usually near the operating voltage of the machine.


The intended purpose of the Meg-Ohm test is to make an accurate measurement of the

insulation resistance of the ground wall insulation.

The Meg-Ohm test is best used for finding ground faults and the level of moisture or particulate contamination.


Polarization Index (PI)


The Polarization Index Test (PI test) is best used for determining if the winding is wet or is contaminated. The PI test is performed in order to measure quantitatively the ability of an insulator to polarize.


The PI test is typically performed at 500, 1000, 2500 or 5000 Volts. This depends on the

operating voltage of the motors being tested.

The duration of the test is 10 minutes. The PI value is calculated by dividing the insulation resistance at 10 minutes by the resistance at 1 minute.


In general, insulators that are in good condition will show a high polarization index while insulators that are damaged will not.


The Dielectric Absorption (DA) test is essentially a short-duration PI test and is usually

intended for smaller motors. Larger motors whose insulation does not easily polarize are

also good candidates for the DA test. In the situation where PI ratio may not be meaningful, the Dielectric Absorption (DA) is widely used. The DA is the IR value at 3 minutes divided by the IR

value at 30 seconds


DC High Potential Test (Hi-Pot Test)

The DC High-Potential (HiPot) test consists of applying a DC voltage to the windings of the machine, same as a Meg-Ohm/PI test, but at a higher voltage. The intended purpose of the DC HiPot test is to prove that the ground wall insulation system can withstand a high-applied voltage without exhibiting an extraordinarily high leakage current. Therefore, the DC HiPot test is often called a proof test.


The HiPot test is considered a mainstay of motor testing.



Step Voltage test

The Step Voltage test is similar to a HiPot in that it looks at the integrity of the groundwall insulation; however, at a less rigorous way. It is performed to a voltage of what the motor typically sees during starting and stopping.


The DC voltage is applied to all three phases of the winding, raised slowly to a preprogrammed voltage step level, and held for a predetermined time period. It is then raised to the next voltage step and held for the appropriate time period.


The Step Voltage test is necessary to insure the ground wall insulation and cable can withstand the normal day-to-day voltage spikes the motor typically sees during operation. Whereas the Meg-Ohm/PI/ HiPot tests are used to detect ground wall insulation weakness, the Surge test is used to find turn-to-turn insulation weakness.


Surge test

The surge test consists of applying a fast rise time, high current impulse to a winding. This fast-rise time impulse will induce a voltage difference between adjacent loops of wire within the winding.


If the insulation between the two loops of wire is damaged or somehow weakened, and

if the voltage difference between the wires is high enough, there will be an arc between the wires. This arc shows up as a change in the surge waveform.

The surge test is performed with an impulse generator and a display to observe the surge waveform in progress.


All electric motor testing is done in accordance with:

IEEE Std 43-2000: Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery
IEEE Std 95-2002: Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing of AC Electric Machinery (2300 V and Above) with High Direct Voltage

IEEE Std 522-1992: IEEE Guide for Testing Turn-to-Turn Insulation on Form-Wound Stator Coils for Alternating-Current Rotating Electric Machines

IEEE Std 1415-2006: IEEE Guide for Induction Machinery Maintenance Testing and Failure Analysis
AS/NZS 4836:2001
Safe working on low voltage electrical installations


Benefits of Electrical Motor condition monitoring:

  • Improved plant reliability
  • Reduction in overall operational costs
  • Improved efficiency of plants
  • Early fault diagnoses enabling more cost effective corrective maintenance.

Automated Greasing


Vibalign is an authorised distributor for GREASEMAX in Australia.

GREASEMAX is a chemically operated automatic lubricator.
It is designed to be screwed into the bearing grease nipple seating, or onto an extension line, and to feed lubricant at a constant rate for a set period of time. There are 4 operating periods: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit. Because it is self regulating it should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance scheduling. Therefore changeovers of the GREASEMAX can be planned and carried out at set periods. GREASEMAX operation is simple and trouble free. Quite frequently its capabilities are not at first appreciated because of it’s simplicity. GREASEMAX can be used anywhere; on most applications, both large and small, even underwater. Importantly, GREASEMAX has no electrical or mechanical components and has only one moving part, which is the piston. For this reason GREASEMAX is extremely reliable.